Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well the monsoon is just about over and the streets of Thamel are filling up with tourists. Winter season is almost here and Himalayan Single Track is excited to unleash some new adventures, we are also very excited about the clear weather and mountain views. Kathmandu Valley is at its very best right now for biking.…

Morning Ride ...
So you just have a couple of days in Kathmandu and are seeking some action and adventure, then this is the package for you! This journey takes you to the scenic heights of Nagarkot, Kathmandu’s premier hill station from where, on a clear day, there are simply stunning views of the Himalaya from Far West to Far East. Let your wheels take you downhill along quite jeep trails, past terraced farm lands and traditional villages down to the Melemchi River from where we drive to the tranquil settings of the Last Resort nestled in the hill side above the Bhote Kosi River. The second day is a heart pounding voyage down one of Nepal’s wildest and most famous short rafting rivers, The Wild Bhote Kosi with its raging waters hailing from the snow capped peaks of Tibet! Buckle in and get ready for the ride of a life time. If that’s not enough Adventure for you, you can always add on an extra day and go Bungy Jumping or Canyoning with the Last Resort Team.

MORNING RIDE – 6am to 9am
A great way to beat the heat and traffic, three hours of early morning exploration around the Kathmandu Valley. Ride with our staff and other local riders, the route changes every day, but it’s always fun, there always single tracks and of course we always stop for Chai, Channa and Anda (Nepalie Tea, Chick pea Curry and Boiled Eggs).

Ride with one of Nepal's Pro Riders
Are you a serious cyclist and want to experience a fast track ride around the north of the Kathmandu Valley and discover some fun and technical single tracks? Then sign up for this ride and not only will you enjoy, but the  proceeds go directly to the top ten rider who is your guide. Meet one of Nepal’s best professional riders and enjoy this half day of riding, then get to know them a bit over lunch and coffee.

Morning Ride, Breakfast and Massage. Experience the Kathmandu Valley Trails at their best, in the crisp early mornings. Three hours of riding takes us around the north of the Valley, through rice fields and traditional villages. Let our experienced guides show you secret single tracks and hidden temples before returning to Kathmandu for a hearty breakfast and Coffee in Mandala Street. Make a quick trip to your hotel for a freshen up and then head to the Serenity spa for a 60 min rejuvenating massage. A great way to start off your day in Kathmandu.

The Ultimate Annapurna - Hike, Ride & Raft
The perfect holiday package in Nepal. 15 days packs in Trekking in the Amazing Annapurna region over the challenging Throng La, then mountain biking all the way down from the holy temple at Muktinath to Tatopani for a soak in the natural hot springs, then rolling on down to Maldhunga for three days of rafting and camping on the Kaligandaki River, sleep under the stars, raft the wild white water, mountain bike some of the most exciting trails and trek one of the world’s most famous trekking routes! This is one of the best adventure packages on earth so pack your bags, tie your shoelaces and get ready to trek, bike and paddle you way around Nepal!

POKHARA VALLEY BY LAND AND AIR 2 Nights 3 Days – Ex Pokhara
Soar high above the beautiful Pokhara valley amidst the eagles and snow capped mountains, feel the peace and silence of the wind as you glide cross country, the world shrunk into insignificance below you. Tandem Paragliding is perhaps the closest that you can get to free flight and a true exhilaration. Now you have seen the valley from above peddle your way along country trails traditional villages, gently climbing to Dhampus, a lovely tea house village nestled high up on the hillside with spectacular views of the Himalayan Peaks. The following day roll down hill and cross country to Tatopani Hot Springs and back to Pokhara with a visit to the famous Mahendra Cave on the way. A brilliant way to end a short stay in Pokhara.
Get ready to ride your way to adventure today with the team at Himalayan Single Track. See you in Nepal soon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My First Mountainbike Race in Nepal

So, here we go. I arrived in Nepal the 8th of September, and got introduced to Himalayan Singletrack, where I will be doing my internship for the next three month. I was so excited to come here and do my trainee. I’ll be helping in the office, working with marketing and sales.  

On the first day, I got introduced to the company and the staff. Jenny took me on a ride through the small streets of Thamel, where I meet some of the hardcore mountainbikers of Nepal. They were all really nice and I felt at home immediately. I got a really nice mountainbike so I was ready for the nec mountainbike race 10th of September. After the flight from Denmark to Kathmandu I was really tired so I went to bed at 4 p.m. But I still remember my thought that first evening: “It GREAT to be back!”.

Early morning the 10th: Woke up early and went to the Himalayan Singletrack office with Jenny. We picked up breakfast for all the mountainbikeriders, who would come a few hours later and have a cup of tea or coffee, and some bananas and croissants, before we would go to Bhaktapur for the race. My stomach was a mess, and being nervous for the race didn’t really help, so after seven toilet visits - within one hour - and a lot of toilet paper in my backpack I was ready to go. 

We all went on our bikes to Bhaktapur, as a big group of Himalayan Singletrack-riders. It was really awesome to see so many keen riders!! In Bhaktapur more riders showed up, and we all sat in front of the starting line, chatting, eating M&Ms, having fun, and talking about the upcoming race. My stomach was getting better, but I was still nervous, even though everyone was very relaxed and easy-going. Anyway, I thought it would be a very good idea to visit the toilet one last time before the race – just to be sure, haha! So I crossed the road and went into someone’s backyard and found the toilet. I’m still not really comfortable with the Nepalese toilets, but I manage. But when I was done, and wanted to get out, someone (an old grumpy woman!!) had locked the door so I couldn’t get out. In my panic, and in lack of self-control, I started yelling and calling for someone – anyone!  It took me around 5 minutes to get in contact with a Nepalese man who came and opened the door. Thanks God!!

We went to the start line and I was still talking about everything and nothing, when someone suddenly said: “GO, GO, GO!!!” and apparently the race was started. I had a great start – the last one over the startline, with a great view and a lot of people to follow. Haha – the best position! I even managed to keep my position throughout the race. 

The race was really nice!! I enjoyed it so much. Even though I very fast lost sight of the other riders in front of me, I still enjoyed the view, the nature and all the obstacles on the road: goats, cows, people, more people, kids, dogs, cars, busses, rice, wood, rocks, old women, and almost everything you can crash into during a race. But it was really fun!! And I only crashed two times, on the downhill part. When I finally reached the finish line, I was KAPUT!! Everyone else had finished long time ago, but I was just happy that I had finished my very first mountainbike-race, and I was still alive!! 

It was a really nice race, both for beginners (me) and professionals. Volunteers were standing on the course - some showed the right way, others forget to show the way - but it was a very good experience for me, because it wasn’t such a technical race, but more like a “fun” race.

I’m so happy to be back in Nepal!!  I’m sure I’m going to have a lot of fun with Himalayan Singletrack and I’m looking forward to explore more of the beautiful and friendly Nepal :-) 

See you at Himalayan Singletrack J
Sine Lysdahl  13/9-2011