Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Journey on a Giant Bike

Many people ask us when they come to our shop, why we choose to sell Giant Bikes. I am Jenny, co-owner of Himalayan Single Track and this is my story of how Giant bikes has become part of my life and also why Santosh and I choose to promote and sell the brand in Nepal. I hope you like my story....

In my country Australia, biking has always been associated with the brand Giant, with adventures and with discovering new places and making new friends. Ever since I was a kid growing up in Australia I can remember every kid in my street had a giant bike, BMX was the craze back then and I have fond memories of my girls pink BMX bike, complete with basket on the front, I don’t have so fond memories however of riding into a brick somebody left in the middle of our favorite hill and putting my front tooth through my lip. My first bike, my first visit to hospital. 

The bikes grew with us, from BMX, to teenagers bikes and then to road bikes that we could peddle and peddle and peddle. These memories of blood, tears, adventure and endless days of fun from our childhood, when the days never seemed to end, dirt did not matter and food was always on the table for us when we got home, those careless trouble free days where our Giant bikes provided us with adventure! 

Those days have long passed and there has been many bikes in my life, all of them Giant, my first mountain bike too was a Giant and my second and my third…..Hardtail cross country bikes that took me from being a road rider in Australia to discovering the rugged terrain of Nepal. From learning to ride up long steep climbs and down steep technical tracks, to my first multi day trips and my first ever mountain bike race and beyond that into the heart and soul of a country, its culture and its nature. 

The trails of Nepal are lot harsher, a lot tougher and a lot more real than those purpose built MTB trails back home and our smooth black topped streets.  In Nepal, I learnt what Single Track meant in Nepal, I learnt what real mud was and what it really meant to ride up hills, I also learnt the value of a good mountain bike, of quality components. The giant MTB Bike is a workhorse, you can ride and abuse it all day, throw it in the shed and do the same all over again the next, why bother cleaning it? If your bikes too clean your not a real rider. Giant bikes are great they just work, day in day out…..

Today I still ride Giant, It’s part of me and its part of my upbringing, my culture, my personality, it’s a bike that can grow and travel with me. My bike is my life, my office, my work, my family, my friend.

So of course at Himalayan Single Track, me and my Business partner Santosh choose to sell and promote Giant bikes in Nepal. We sell the Giant Brand in our shop at Himalayan Single Track, why? It’s a brand that we know and that we trust and we want to pass on to our customers a bike for them that can also take them on their own adventures.

Giant is a brand we trust. You can make it yours too.

Giant, A Bike for Your Every Adventure

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nepal – From Mountains to Plains

The unique geographic diversity of Nepal offers something for all levels of Mountain Biker, from the snow capped peaks of the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalaya’s, right down to the dusty plains of the Terai and everything in between.

Long renowned as one of the world’s best trekking trails, this fable route of the Yak Attack, one of the toughest mountain bike stage races in the world is an excellent place to test your skill and stamina. Here you will learn what mountain biking in Nepal is all about. Pit yourself against nature and the wilderness as twelve days takes you from the humid sub tropical valleys around Kathmandu up through ancient mountain trade route to Throng La at 5600 meters. The route is dotted with mountain villages and culture. Along the way sometimes you will have to carry your bike sometimes it will carry you, you will learn to love your bike and savor the challenge. You will learn to respect the mighty Himalayas and go beyond your own limits and fall in love with this amazing country and this inspiring trail.
Best Time – March/April/May, September/October/November
2012 Departures – 17th September, 30th September

Upper Mustang
The place that makes grown mountain bikers cry! This high altitude arid region boasts some of the most mind-blowing scenery on earth, not to mention some truly brilliant mountain biking. Cycle deep into the heart of Tibetan culture and fall in love with the people, landscapes and trails of Lo. Discover the walled kingdom of Lo Mantang and have tea with the king. The best bit is the biking, challenging climbs, heart pounding single tracks and rolling switch back downhill’s make this one unforgettable expedition.
Best Time – April/May, October/November
2012 Departures – 24th September

Red dirt, Sal Forests, Tamang villages and rocky river beds are the heart and soul of riding in the Terai. Single tracks traverse from plateau to plains through terraced fields of rice and maize.. The true spirit of single tracks, free riding and mate-ship can be found here in the low lands of Nepal at a Farm House resort called Life Cycle. Life Cycle is one of the best places to ride, meet riders, and then chill out. Right on the resorts door step is a dam side pump track where you can hone your skills before hitting the real trails. This place is super fun for experienced riders and a brilliant way for novice riders to build confidence and skill.
Best Time – October to April
2012 Departures – Every weekend