Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet the Himalayan Single Track Team

Welcome to our blog, this is the place to visit for all our latest news about races, upcoming tours, new trails and ideas and advice for biking.  Also keep track of our Himalayan Single Track riders and how they are doing in races and training.

At Himalayan Single Track we are passionate about mountain biking and in this blog we also want to share our advice and knowledge with you.

First you should get to know us. Who is Himalayan Single Track?
Santosh Rai

Santosh Rai (Dhan Jit)- If you ride a mountain bike in Nepal you probably know Santosh. A talented rider and a superb mechanic with experience working and racing in Spain, Italy and Israeli. Santosh is a passionate mountain biker as well as a qualified guide with more than 15 years experience in the industry.

Jenny Lama
Jenny Lama – Has been riding in Nepal for four years and knows all the best tracks and trails around Kathmandu. Original from Australia, Nepal is now her second home. Jenny has much experience in Tours and Travels, she manages the marketing and organization side of the business and sees establishing Himalayan Single Track in partnership with Santosh as a path to developing mountain biking in Nepal and helping new riders as well as promoting and growing the Mountain Bike Tourism Industry in Nepal.
Sunil Lama

Sunil Lama – Sunil is 18 and has been working on our team for six months. He loves mountain biking and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his uncle who is one of the most experienced tour leaders and top ten riders in Nepal. Sunil is fun and friendly and already one of our full time guides.

Som Rai
Som Rai – The youngest member of our team, Som is fast learning the right way to become a Mountain Bike Guide. He is a quick learner is fast becoming a talented mountain bike. Som has a fun and caring personality and shares a passion for mountain biking. He’s quite fearless when it comes to dropping down steep single tracks leaving more experienced riders in his wake; we have big hopes for Som in the next few years as a racer and a guide.

Mountain Biking and having Fun is what we do best at Himalayan Single Track, so follow our blog, enjoy our stories and riding tips and drop by our office anytime you are in Thamel.

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