Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beating the Winter Chills.

The best way to beat the winter blues is to be active and the best way to be active is to get out and ride your bike! But its cold I hear you say? Well here are some great products and solutions to keep you warm in the winter and to keep you riding your bike.

Conditions in Kathmandu during the winter are dry and dusty, so first let’s take care of the bike and its most important moving bits we call "The Drive Train" (Chain, Cassette, Crank and Derailleur’s). This is the part of the bike that keeps you moving and shifting gears effectively. So in this dry dusty season, make sure you use a small brush to remove the dust from these moving parts after riding and before riding use a Dry Chain Lube to keep your bike running smoothly. Wet lubes can easily "Gunk" up in the dusty Season!

Now what about you.....?If you want to enjoy winter riding then you have to have the right gear to keep you warm!

Base Layers- Base layers are good, tight fitting layers that go under your outer layers. They included a long sleeve top with a high neck, fitted wrist bands and a long tail that can be pulled down over your bottom region. Our advice is to buy the best quality inner layer you can afford, with this kind of thing quality is everything! One well made, well design base layer is a good investment.

Our body looses most of its heat through the feet. So to keep them warm get some good socks, woolen ones are the best, but not too thick, if you wear to thicker socks, then you can reduce the circulation of blood to your feet which again can make your toes cold. Good shoes are important, not canvas ones, something a bit waterproof is good to keep out the cold air. Shoe covers are also a really good idea to keep your feet insulated and warm for riding. Funkier make some really awesome Micro fleece waterproof shoe covers with Lycra for a snug fit over your shoes.

We always wear a helmet when we go biking, yes its true, but a helmet alone will not keep your head warm. Try an elasticized cotton buff, or a cycling specific micro fleece head cap for really cold times. Make sure to cover your ears, another key point of our body susceptible to cold.

Our fingers play a key role in cycling…we use them for braking and controlling the bike but they are always one of the first parts of our bodies to get cold. So gloves are the way to go. Here you need specific cycling gloves which are not bulky and will not impede your bike handling. Full fingered warm gloves which have a good tight fit and stretchable material.

Leg Warmers and Arm Warmers are two great accessories for keeping you warm or warming up at the start of your ride and cooling down at the end of it. They are easy to peel on and off while riding to regulate your body temperature.

A good top layer is essential to keep you warm. Stay away from  cheap rain coat fabrics as it makes you sweat, look for a light breathable outer layer that is windproof. This will seal in the heat, not make you sweat to much or overheat and make your winter riding enjoyable. Most cycling specific winter jackets also have nifty pockets to stash tools and tubes.

Remember a few important things, getting wet will make you more cold and getting wet also includes sweat! So if you plan on doing a long hill climb, it’s a good idea to carry a dry top to put on for the downhill. Remember it’s okay to take your outer layer off while climbing, but make sure you put it on for the downhill, this is where you will get cold!

*Helmet Fit – When wearing a cap or buff under your helmet, be sure to readjust your helmet fittings and straps to keep your helmet correctly fitted and safe. Many people neglect this.
*Light – In winter time with early starts, it can be dark, always carry a headlight or a cycling torch with you, don’t forget also in the afternoon the light fades fast, so better be prepared.
*Hydration – It’s common in winter for us to drink less, but just because its cold does not mean we don’t need water….always drink, always hydrate and keep your performance level great.

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Happy Trails.

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