Monday, June 9, 2014


The Kathamndu Kora 75km Challenge

The optimum word here is "challenge" this ride is no walk in the park with lots of climbing and the heat and humidity, plus the energy sapping muddy trails created by the monsoon. If you are taking on the Kora75 please be sure to pack your sense of adventure and your stamina.

Your Own Bike - You must have your own bike, not a hired bike. Your bike should be a Mountain Bike with 9/10 speed in good working order. Our guide leaders are great mechanics but you will be responsible for your own bike. With over 130 riders expected we cannot have the time to fine tune your bike for you.

Personal Responsibility
The ride is a fitness challenge and there will be many many other riders. We have a time frame in which to complete the ride so please take responsibility for yourself. There will be two groups, a fast one and a medium one, if you feel yourself falling behind and others are spending a long time waiting for you, please use your own initiative and ask the leaders for the nearest bail out point. There is no shame in this, you can rejoin the Kora50 and now you have a good sense of what the Kora75 is all about you can train more and try again next year.

Get Ready For it!
The more you ride before the  Kora, the more your body will be conditioned and the more you will enjoy it! Preparedness is the key! Stay tuned to Facebook for other groups leading rides to prepare for the Kora.

Get your bike ready for the Kora
A good servicing before the trip and healthy servicing of wet chain oil should get you through. Make sure you are comfortable with your bike. A good tip for efficient riding is to make sure the air  pressure in the tires is high enough, you can lose a lot of energy from poorly inflated tires.
Also check out all the local bikes shops in the lead up to the Kora, they are offer new bike deals and servicing specials for Kora Riders.

What to Carry
A water bottle and spare 1 liter water
Sun cream
Spare tube, pump and a patch kit and a multi tool if you have one
Some snacks……nuts, bananas, chocolate
A Helmet

With a positive attitude, the right preparation and the correct gear…YOU CAN SUCCEED!

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