Wednesday, July 16, 2014

East Nepal ... So Much More Than Just Mountain Biking.

When you mountain bike in Nepal, it's not just about the trails....indeed they are simply incredible, but at the end of the day when the trail dust has settled and your wheels have stopped spinning there is an entire new world of discovery here.

Sitting back in a quaint Tea Houses sipping a warm mug of Himalayan coffee or piping hot Thungba ( a local fermented millet drink) after a full day on the natural dusty trails is a moment worth savoring as you peer out at the environment around you and the curious locals staring back at you in awe.

Mountain bike tours in Nepal can be tailor made to suit most riders cycling needs from trails like the Annapurna circuit for those looking for a physical challenge, Upper Mustang for a real off the beaten track mountain bike expedition or Shivapuri National Park and the Jomsom Trail for the gravity assisted fiends among us.

But alas, Himalayan Single Track is always searching for new routes and single tracks for mountain biking in Nepal. If you are looking for fun riding together with real mountain bikers, you have come to the right place. And our search for trails and single track is never ending which lead us to our two recent forays into East Nepal no the hunt for trails....what we unearthed is something pretty damn special.

Pack your bikes and your bags and leave your in-habitations at home and join us for this once in a life time journey into Eastern Nepal and the Rhododendron (LaliGuras) Capital of the World. When spring is in the air, Nepal's National Flowers are in full bloom and the trails are ripe for exploration. Join this Epic Adventure into the (Almost) Unknown as Santosh Rai leads the trip team to find new trails, adventures and tourism opportunities into the vastly unexplored region. This area is our play ground and many of our guides hail from the region. The eastern himalaya marches along the horizon, emerald rivers run in the valleys and local culture abounds alongside the natural trails which cross cross the landscape.

The people in this region are open and inquisitive and are often astonished to see people on bikes. Not only that the scenery here is stunning with views of the Eastern Himalaya including Mount Everest and Kanchanjunga. Travel through Chainpur the most famous region in Nepal for making traditional silver water pitchers, around Gupha Bazaar where you can buy reputably the best “Churpi” (Dried cheese) in Nepal. The trail varies from 600 meters to 2970 meters with plenty of diversity in Flora and Fauna. This is truly one of the spectacular areas in Nepal for mountain biking….better still the trails are almost all Virgin for mountain bikers!

The trail leads us to the Beautiful greenery and rolling Tea Gardens of Ilam, nestled in the foothills of Mount Kanchanjanga. Here the single tracks seem endless and the views are some of the best you will find anywhere in Nepal! Rolling on down to the humid Koshi barrage and a romp in the jungle at Koshi Tapu where your tired legs will relish the flat ground and shady Forests of Saal. The place is a feast to the eyes of bird lovers.

The trip will be a mix of vehicle supported link trail, lots of riding and some sections of carry. Stayed tuned for 2015 when we will be launching our first commercial mountain bike tours into the region. The region is overwhelming for not just your sense of mountainbike adventure but in so many other aspects that will imprint on your soul and make you want to come back for more ... We will not spill our secret trails right now...but get ready for adventure unlimited in Eastern Nepal. 

Check out more stunning photos from the trip here

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