Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Importance of Breakfast...

Most riders here struggle to eat breakfast before they ride and often run out of energy or have to stop for food on the way. This can hamper training. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, esp if you are exercising for fun or for training. The common comment I get from our riders is that they don’t have food at home as they don’t have the habit for breakfast or the time to make it nor can they afford it. Most common is tea and biscuits which is hardly a fore-filling first meal of the day. Its also very True as breakfast is not huge part of the lifestyle here.

Breakfast is a key meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism and sets you up for the day...not only that by eating it you can enhance both your mental and physical performance.

Here is a simple solution

Home Made Muesli

High in slow release energy and goodness and also quite affordable to make. Make it up once every two weeks and store in plastic container. Then you can a fast and full of energy breakfast before you go riding.

500grm Plain Oats Toasted                            200nrs
1 cup Dried Dates Pitted and Chopped            90nrs                    
1 Tray Dried Apricots Chopped                    190 nrs
200grm Raisins                                              110 nrs 
100grm Almonds  Chopped                          180 nrs
100grm Walnuts  Chopped                             250 nrs 
Coconut toasted                                               50nrs
1 Sml Packet Hemp Seeds                               60 nrs
1 Sml Packet Sesame Seeds                            60 nrs

Two Weeks Breakfast - @ 85nrs Per Serving….

Serve with a mashed Banana or Mango, Milk or Curd and some Honey if you like things Sweet.

Other Tips
Out of tourist season quite often super markets have buy one get one free offers on packets of Muesli bars...They are good as a snack on the go
Bananas range from 60 to 90 rupees a Dozen, two or three bananas are great "go" food.

Remember if you don't have the habit to eat breakfast then you might feel uncomfortable  or some stomach cramping for few days....but you will get used to it and you will soon see improved results in your stamina.

Be Healthy Wealthy and Wise... :) 
Enjoy your food and your riding.

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