Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thinking about Mountain Biking in Nepal…Don’t Wait.

There is no question that Tourism is vital to Nepal's economy…there is also no doubt that Nepal is one of the best places on earth for Adventure travel….and mountain biking is one such adventure.

We just wanted to let you all know that we are still open for business and raring at the bit to get out on our bikes and show you around our Nepal....from the rugged Himalayan Trails where the scenery will take your breath away as well as the trails, to the rolling hills of the Kathmandu Valley where you will be greeted and overwhelmed by the smiles and energy of the local people who are now rebulding after the earthquake. There is still so much to discover here in Nepal.

A lot of Nepal’s main tourist’s areas and trails are unaffected by the earthquake, the airport is fully functional (Well as functional as it can be…never having been the most efficient airport in the world! But alas it’s all part of the charm of you arrival into the Himalayas!) Thamel is 90% functioning…all the hotels are have already been or are currently undergoing assessment and most have green stickers…Green Stickers denote safe hotels. HST only uses certified hotels. Those hotels and buildings that have been damaged are being re built better and stronger than before.

As far as biking routes go…the only trails we are not running in the upcoming season (Sept – Dec) is Manaslu. (Langang will also be off the cards for those wanting to trek).

Here is an excerpt from an Official Tourism Press Release.

 - “Many trekking areas have seen little damage and, if the monsoon rains do not trigger landslides in these areas, trekking will be as safe as it was before the quake. “Apart from Langtang, Rolwaling and Manaslu, we do not see much of a problem with other trails, such as the Everest Base Camp Trek,” says Swiss geologist Erwin Scheibert, who is assessing the routes in the affected areas for the Local Road Improvement Programme (LRIP) in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP).”-

We have fixed departures Ready to Rock and Roll. 

One of the great adventures in the Himalaya and the ultimate high altitude challenge for any mountain biker. Traverse high into the snow covered mountains on a journey of discovery, culture, scenery and simply unbeatable mountain biking.

2015 Departures - 4th Oct, 5th Oct, 15th Nov

Upper Mustang is more than just a challenging mountain bike journey; it’s a path of discovery, of culture, of breathtaking scenery, friendly heart-warming people and so much more. Yes we know the permit fee is a lot, but for US$500 you will get 5 million times worth of amazement, pleasure and experience from this trip. Venture into a land where Nomads herd yaks in the high pastures, ponies carry your luggage, rosy cheeked locals toil the arid soil to earn a living, where Tibetan culture is almost untouched by civilization and add to this some of the BEST and most Challenging mountain biking terrain in the world and you have a simply unforgettable journey.

2015 Departures - 23rd Sept, 5th Oct

Jomsom is in the heart of the Himalaya and offers some spectacular trails for mountain bikers. Pedaling up between the Nilgiri Massifs to one of the holiest temples in Nepal, Muktinath at the foot of the mighty Throng Pass on route from the Annapurna Circuit. From here there are many options for some amazing single track and downhill riding along the beautiful Kaligandaki River, one of the deepest gorges in the world, past ancient monasteries and traditional villages. Bump along on cobble paths and get your feet wet in ice fed streams. This is surely one of the most spectacular short mountain biking holidays in the world…..you gotta do it once in your life!

Departs Every Monday from the 8th Oct to the 13th Dec!

Don't forget there is also a multitude of Short and Enduro Style rides in and around Kathmandu and Pokhara...Check them out on our website.

We would really love to see you in Nepal and show you are stunning trails soon!

Send us and email for prices and deals  - info@himalayansingletrack.com

The Beautiful and Challenging Annapurna Circuit.

Ripping up the Trails in Lupra Valley

Charming Locals and Stunning Views in Upper Mustang.


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