Thursday, March 7, 2013


So here you are kitted out and ready to hit the trails with your new mountain bike, have some fun enjoy with nature and friends…..but what happens when you are out on the trail and things go wrong? It happens, broken chains, flat tires, gear shifting problem….but the good news is this does not have to mean the end of your ride. Knowing what to carry as part of your cycling kit and how to use it to make basic trail side repairs is easy and will help you to keep enjoying the fun.

Common Trail Problems
Things that can happen on an everyday ride in the Kathmandu Valley are flat tires (caused by inner tubes getting punctured by debris left lying around on the road) broken chains, slipped seat posts and minor gear shifting problems. All of this can easily be fixed with the right tools and the right know-how.

What you Should Carry?
So before you set out on the trail, make sure you or your friends have the following items –

·         Spare inner tube that fits your bike, be aware of different tubes on the market, Presta, Shroder, 29 er make sure you have the correct one that fits your wheels.
·         Pump, to put air in the tires should be a multi valve function that works with both presta and shroder tubes. If you are going on longer adventures, sometimes it pays to carry a suspension pump for your air shock.
·         A patch kit which contains glue, patches, tire levers (tools that help remove the tire from the wheel rim) sandpaper.
·         Multi Tool with chain breaker. This tool is a compact pocket knife like item that contains different sized Alan keys, screw drivers and tools that can adjust, tighten or re attach most parts of the bike.

How to Use It?
Well this is not something we can easily explain in a blog but as with anything the more you use the tools and understand the basic mechanics of your mountain bike the better things will be. Join the Team of mechanics at Himalayan Single track for one of our three hour basic maintenance and trails side repair courses. Our course cover the following:-

·         Getting to know your bike – identify components and learn what they do.
·         What are basic trail tools and how to use them
·         Fixing Punctures and holes in the Tires
·         Fixing Broken Chains
·         Basic Gear and shifting adjustments
·         Basic Bike Maintenance– how to maintain and clean your bike between rides, use of oils and  greases, bike cleaning methods

Another important thing to remember when you are going out riding is your own “engine” without you the bike is not going anywhere so be sure to carry and drink plenty of water and high energy snack foods to keep you full of energy.

For more information about our Mechanics Course or about biking in Nepal Please visit our website or send us an email.

Happy Trails this Spring…..


  1. nice article for beginners to became mechanics. thank you to himalayansingletrack media team.

  2. I am Ram Krishna kafle bicycle rider live in Pokhara Lake side. I wish to became bike mechanic but I have not course but your famous bike store in thamel orgnainse to basic to advance bike mechanic,i knew from your attractive website.
    kindly let me know you about your course time.


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