Thursday, April 18, 2013

MBLA Mountain Bike Guide Training

This month Himalayan Single Track was so happy to be able to bring Mr Al Seaton to Nepal so that he could deliver his invaluable guide and leadership training to our guides. Al’s company is Wheelie Cool Mountain Biking and he is an MBLA Tutor providing courses approved by the British Cycling Association that set the industry standard for mountain bike guide and leadership training. We are hoping that this was the beginning of a long term relationship with Al for training mountain bike guides in Nepal, not just for Himalayan Single Track but for all companies and tour operators.

The course was held at Life Cycle Resort in Hetauda, and we have to thank them humbly for providing free accommodation and meals for Al Seaton for the ten days he stayed in Nepal and also for the wonderful hospitality and food they provided to all participants of the course. Life Cycle and the surrounding country side was the perfect location for cycling, learning and making new friends. The best kind of classroom and super rider on single tracks.

The content of the course was an invaluable learning curve for the entire HST Team and we hope that we can use our newfound skills to improve the quality and most importantly the safety of the service that we offer our clients.

We work for the safety and experience of our clients and risk assessment planning is now part of every tour we offer, not just for the safety of the clients but also for the increased enjoyment of them. Guides can improve their confidence and skill in dealing with the clients and this will give clients a better understanding it’s an all round win win situation for Nepal, for tourism and for the guides and companies. Further more we can also implement our own localized training programs and create an industry standard for Nepal.

Team working for the future of Mountain Bike Tourism in Nepal was the key topic that came out of this.

Trail Side Repairs

The Tow-Rope

The art of learning how to Teach

Learning the Theory in the Class Room

Map Reading and Navigation
Practical Learning on the Trail


1. Santosh Rai - Himalayan Single Track
2. Jenny Caunt - Himalayan Single Track
3. Dawa Sherpa - El Yak
4. Mangal Lama - El Yak
5. Niraka Yakthungba - Life Cycle/Chain Bikes
6. Upendra Rana - Life Cycle/Chain Bikes   

1. Jeevi Limbhu - Himalayan Single Track
2. Bikash Shresta - Himalayan Single Track
3. Nikesh Kadha - Himalayan Single Track
4. Shyam Limbhu
5. Sonam Gurung - Life Cycle
6. Dinesh Shresta - Epic Bikes 

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